02 or when set to 02 in world 8. Powerup drawn? Interactive map of World for New Super Mario Bros. U with locations, and descriptions for items, characters, easter eggs and other game content 250 40. x 6. Player 1 input (regular flag pattern), select and start are reset after 1 frame. Enemy Collision_Bits, Value is set to 0x01 whenever player gets collided with enemy otherwise it stays 0x00. 194 points Ranked 58,950th. Controls level entry (climbing up vine, coming up pipe, falling down from top of screen, etc.). Warpzone Control. 95 12. x 4. 4 medals. 2. ), Enemy vertical screen position (same as player), Powerup vertical screen position (same as player), Player y pos on screen (multiply with value at 0x00B5 to get level y pos), Enemy y pos on screen (multiply with value at 0x00B6/A to get level y pos), Powerup sprite y (multiply with value at 0x00BB to get level y pos). © 2010 - 2020 Planetminecraft.com. Submitter. ScreenEdge X-Position, loads next screen when player past it? I used the The complete maps for Super Mario Bros (NES) are below. ROM Map • ROM image for the Mario/Duck Hunt version of the 0x04 when ducking as big mario, 0 otherwise (also when ducking as small). World 1: Screen from Level: Image Size: Image Type: World 1-1. - 01 - Right before the start of a level GamePauseTimer, when (un)pausing, you can only re/unpause when this is zero, Mirror_PPU CTRL_REG1 Affects blocks and level, lowest bit seems to toggle loaded screen..? Spot all … runs from 20 to 0 (Also Called 21 FrameRule) From This timer Game Checks for level Completion After every 21 Frames. I Home | Labeled Maps | Background Only Maps | Sprites. If a powerup is on screen and a second one would appear, the first one disappears (completely). Full Screen. DEMO? Superstar Road-7: Lakitu! - 00 - Restarts level Something to do with player y (but it skips to 0 every x frames, even when you dont move), Something to do with player x (same as 0x0002). These maps are no longer maintained. 3D Art Map. Setting this will take affect immediately. 4 medals. It moves up to 0x70 (sometimes even 0x72) when player moves. Current fall gravity (not sure how this is decided). Other Map. Screen captures were tediously pieced together in Photoshop. Spot all those extra areas and bonus coins you missed on some of your favourite Super Mario worlds. Interactive map of World for New Super Mario Bros. U with locations, and descriptions for items, characters, easter eggs and other game content Download a wallpaper of all the maps, one after the other, and reduced 4 medals. Superstar Road-9 In NSMBW Other/Misc. So Mario Mayhem has compiled a collection of Mario Game Maps for you to enjoy! Most (but not all?) You're free to do what you like different due to the use of these codes. … We have maps of each part of every level as well as bonus stages and extras. Player vertical fractional velocity. Lakitu. Add Category. Player's state. We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! 0x20 - BulletBill / CheepCheep / hammer_bro stomped. Set to 01 at the title screen and you start the game with the title screen showing. Game mode. (Settting it to 0xFF will cause Player to Penetrate through Walls/Bricks). Home — Gameplay — History — Media — Contact us. These maps are no longer maintained. You have to unset 0753 to move with luigi though. … Player_Position For Scroll. VIEW. you can see the level being built in memory up as this counter progresses, one frame at a time. Submitter. Player hitbox (1x4 bytes, < >), Enemy hitboxes (5x4 bytes, < >), Powerup hitbox (1x4 bytes, < >), (Fiery) fireball hitbox (2x4 bytes, < >), Hammer hitbox (9x4 bytes, < >) (like from bowser, hammerbros), Coin hitboxes (3x4 bytes, < >) (used for coins from questionmarks and when getting coins above bricks by hitting the brick), Fireball counter (increments as you fire). Enjoy all the original maps or use the map generator to create absolutely new and unique levels. Values taken from. Add Map. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki < Super Mario Bros. 3. ), Buttons pressed player 1 (keeps updated, even while paused or whatever, the other register resets the start and select immediately), Buttons pressed player 2 (keeps updated, even while paused or whatever, the other register resets the start and select immediately), "Gold" block pallette - 00 turns blocks into water world and makes bubble, but no swimming. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Choose your desktop size. Digits of Game Timer (0100 0000 0000) in BCD Format. Bros. for the NES. Start font by codeman38, which emulates the same font used in SMB. easier, including high jumps, 900-tick timer, and invincibility. Luigi score (1000000 100000 10000 1000 100 10) in BCD Format. Sound On. When true, new groundtiles and blocktiles will be loaded as clouds (coinblocks and questionmark blocks remain the same! Map Select. When this register is frozen, NOTHING changes in the level, not even internally. Challenge / Adventure Map. Player x position, moves screen position forward when this moves. This page was last edited on 7 July 2020, at 13:32. Determines whether allow Player to Pass through from Bricks or not. Super Mario Bros. Maps These are the complete maps of the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES. Offline. 0x90 for falling when walking at full speed. 194 points Ranked 58,950th. VIEW. 0 - All Mushroom platforms replaced with trees, 1 - All trees replaced with Mushroom platforms, overwrites first BG palette line, 2 - All trees and Mushroom platforms replaced Bill Blasters, 3 - All trees and Mushroom platforms removed, 4 - All trees and Mushroom platforms removed, causes invisible floors and ceilings to appear, 2 - When set to two, you can't hit blocks but you can stand on them... (no idea where this is used), 5 - Makes you small (even when your state is big or even fiery, in fiery case you become a small fiery). RAM Map • with them. Read; Edit; View history; More . and may not be correct for other dumps . Game difficulty (set when you beat the game), 0x09 - Transforming from Small to Large (cannot move), 0x0A - Transforming from Large to Small (cannot move), 0x0C - Transforming to Fire Mario (cannot move), 1 - Yes (not so much drawn as "active" or something), 0x21 - Long Firebar (castle) AND sets previous enemy slot to 0x20 or else only half of the line shows, 0x29 - Static lift (Will Fall if Player stays on it for too long), 0x2A - Horizontal forward moving lift with strange hitbox, 0x2B/0x2C - Halves of double lift (like 1.2). 0x84 - koopa or buzzyBeetle Stomped and moving; 0xFF - Will kill them off (like getting hit by a star), 0x02-0x06 - 'question block' hit sequence, 0x80 - When powerup moving right (or not moving at all), (when falling down a pit this will increase up to 5), 0xD8: max running vel (changes to this when pressing B+L), 0x30 - max running vel (changes to this when pressing B+R), Also some other values when starting to run or when turning around. 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