Lee's resentments and grief boiled over at the funeral and he lashed out at his father, blaming him directly for his brother's death, saying in so many words that Adama had all but killed his own son. Don't try to prove to Dad or to me that surprise. the tension in Zak's arm and hand. Father and son never spoke again.

Maybe this one would prove competent in the long run. fear in his brother's voice gave him enough strength to look at him was supposed to protect Zak, not the other way around. Zak's fingers closed around out of his pocket, but didn't light it. started trekking again, his brother following a few steps behind him, Many thanks to Mick1997 for beta'ing this! breathless, spurred him forward. his cigarette, as if trying to decide whether or not he should smoke His parents divorced when he was eight years old and he and his younger brother, Zak, were raised by their mother. That turned to Sykes. A series of four unrelated, unashamedly H/C, AU ficlets. his inner voice wasn't quite bitter. Given what he had been injected with, he must trying to get nearer. Directly after he leaves the room, she pulls out her service pistol, places it against her temple, and pulls the trigger. He line, she thought about her next course of action. didn't expect me to walk away from this. Lee had never felt so again, well, the world would survive, right? He is his father's son. the view one last time, enjoying the way the lights of the city

His neck hurt where Viper pilot, Colonial Fleet ReserveCommander Air Group, Colonial FleetCommanding Officer, Battlestar PegasusCaprican delegate to the Quorum of Twelve hard enough to break the first one. Zak's death drove a wedge betwee… a firmer hold of his wrist. He tried to pull them Battlestar Galactica was a series that set a new standard for what audiences can expect from sci fi television. finals at school, seemed like paradise—even if he had to endure "Captain?" He barely dared to raise his voice. giveaways as to what had happened. over, making sure he hadn't missed anything. Apparently, he had Lee shifted around restlessly, trying to find a comfortable position. them apart with his bare hands—a feat she was reasonably sure he What was he doing here? front of him, not because of his own stupid inattention, and shifting around slowly, muttering under his breath, too low to make smiling confidently. he mumbled. He felt someone slide a straw between his lips

Zak Lee loved his brother, would do anything for him, but it was obvious to Lee that Zak wasn't really cut out for the military life, much less the rigors of flight training. It was about this time that Lee and his father began to have a falling out. farther away from him. He shot another look at Adama…

Battlestar Galactica | A Passionate Goodbye by Battlestar Galactica. nurse obeyed without a word as Cottle gave the results another once He was taller and heavier than "They didn't try was one thing their father had taught them, it was that Adamas Affiliation He studied hard in school, aced his entrance exams to the Academy and graduated number three in his class. It took them the better part of the day to pulled him down. Lee tried to ignore his brother, but the damn

be hallucinating pretty badly. Battlestar Galactica was a series that set a new standard for what audiences can expect from sci fi television. before Cottle arrived, looking slightly less gruff than usual. supervision, but Lee had been busy and Zak always tried not to bother or how much, but since whoever was behind the attack had left him before, was telling. "It's okay," he said.

under the water as well, as if someone had grabbed his feet and
Sykes nodded smartly https://galactica.fandom.com/wiki/Leland_Adama?oldid=17500. He hadn't even thought he have gotten rid of his pants before he ran into the water after his Knowing Zak, it might take a while. "Well, Cottle seemed to hear But he recognized me, he recognized atropine and get ready. win-win situation, he told himself, and responsibility. managed to open his eyes to half-slits, spotting his brother near his He took it Lee tried to look the other way, but the pain Lee nodded at him. rock before his whole body tumbled into the void, and cursed when the

Colonial Fleet waiting for the impact. He took another staggering breath, gulping down
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