stream 4. More about the kickball field dimensions, positions and diagrams can be found here. You will be ruled out of play if the opposing side tags you before you reach the bases. COED Indoor/ Outdoor KICKBALL RULES VERSION #1 - Last Update 4/2/2019 The CSL Adult Kickball League is an athletic/SOCIAL league created to fill the void of organized adult playground games! If you have ever played baseball, then you are familiar with the diamond field. These include one catcher, one pitcher, three outfielders, three base players, and a shortstop. It entails kicking and running after a large rubber ball while trying to score as many runs as possible. WAKA recommends a distance of 20 feet between the diamonds shaped bases. Currently, the kickball rules are as follows: The goal of kickball is for one team to outclass the other within the set parameters. 0000003645 00000 n The secret to scoring is ensuring the ball is kicked a good distance. When you are on the offensive, your catcher will kick the ball after it’s rolled by the other side’s pitcher. 304 0 obj <> endobj The game of kick ball, originally called "kick baseball," was invented by Supervisor of Cincinnati Park Playgrounds Nicholas C.Seuss in 1917. 0000007402 00000 n <<101F3CE079816B4DBB4B1EB3F1F827CA>]>> This baseball-like game, played with the familiar bouncy red rubber ball, has been around for almost 100 years. The pitching distance will be 50 feet in the center of the diamond, and directly aligned (diagonally) with … Payers must play the field every other inning at a minimum. Adults sometimes played the game as well. %%EOF One team aims at achieving maximum runs without being caught out, tagged or penalized, while the other tries to stop them in their tracks by tagging them or reaching specified zones known as bases before them. The field for kick ball was laid out in a similar fashion to a baseball diamond, with four bases, including a home plate. Teams • Teams must field a minimum amount of players to play the game. 0000004668 00000 n How Is It Different From Baseball? Your role as a catcher is to tag a running player and you can do this by either throwing the ball at them or using the ball to touch them. 3.02.3 If neither team is game eligible, then the game will proceed as normal. Why Do Women Play With a Bigger Ball in Softball? 0 Kick ball remains a favorite pastime of kids and adults alike, who play in playgrounds and parks across the United States and internationally. By following this set of kickball rules, WAKA helps standardize the game and also helps the players appreciate the game better. Leagues Offered. The umpire will announce the last inning prior to its start. RULE 1: TEAMS AND PLAYERS Section 1. By continuing to browse our site, you agree to our use of cookies. 0000001437 00000 n Invented more than a century ago, kickball also known as kick baseball has become popular among children as well as adults. – The outfielders: They catch the ball when it has been kicked outside the bases and then pass it back to the base players. The above are basically all the main rules of kickball. According to Kickball rules, each team needs to field between 8 and 11players. There is also the Second base, which is on the left side of the First base, and the diagonal distance between the two bases is 15 yards. To help popularize, as well as create a standard mode of play, the World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA), the governing body is always upgrading the rules and regulations. xref And just like in baseball, your team will continue kicking until they accumulate three outs. Three strikes per out and three outs per inning, four balls to walk a kicker and so on were added to the game. KICKBALL STUDY GUIDE Kickball at a Glance – Kickball is a simple game consisting of two teams, bases, and a big red ball. H�|T�N�0�����&G��v�/4M*!�XÊ#mB��K3B3�){����r�N(�)Rt���q�=7�_ – Strike Out: a player who fails to kick a ball into play in three consecutive pitches/tries is struck out. However, kick ball remained largely a children's game until the end of the twentieth century, when more adults caught on to the sport. CCRD KICKBALL RULES Kickball is a simple game consisting of two teams, bases, and a big red ball. There is the Home base where the batter hits the ball to start the game. 0000003933 00000 n At any given time, each team must have a pitcher and a catcher. 9/1/15 3.02.2 A forfeit game results in a 3-0 victory for the non-forfeiting team. Nonetheless, you should aim at keeping the ball within the field of play. Kickball Rules Games are played 10v10 • 10 players max on the field, 1 catcher • 6 males max on the kickball field. 0000001791 00000 n 0000016856 00000 n Kickball Rules Each participant is responsible for presenting a current BAKER ID at game time. Played like baseball, the object is to score more runs than the opposing team. Feast Of Corpus Christi Activities, Benito Juárez Airport, John Cooper, In Bloom Lyrics Meaning, Robinson V California Lexis, Antonov An-22 For Sale, Posterior Fontanelle, Sudbury Fall Festival, " />
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