>> You can update your version of Internet Explorer, or download another browser, by clicking on the following links or by copying and pasting the Because of security requirements, families and friends cannot Family members cannot send anything directly to a prison or jail. Only money orders and cashier checks will be accepted by mail. *Items marked with an asterisk (*) are not allowed for any sentenced inmate unless he/she is scheduled for court or is going to attend a significant family event. So, they will not do without basic items if … Internet Explorer updates can be found at. Should you need assistance, please email us at customerservice@unionsupplydirect.com or by calling (866)402-0644. electronic items such as TV, radios and headphones and some clothing items as Your authorization for this session is about to expire You have 10:61 minutes remaining. After September 1, 2013 all other shower shoes/slippers other than those purchased in the commissary shall be considered contraband, and will be confiscated. 3 0 obj AS A RESULT OF COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS WE ARE OFFERING A LIMITED CATALOG AS SOME OF OUR SUPPLIERS ARE NOT OPERATIONAL AT THIS TIME. Union Supply Group is accepting and shipping Inmate Direct Orders as normal. PLEASE EXPECT PROCESSING AND SHIPPING DELAYS DUE TO DECREASED STAFFING AND DELAYS FROM OUR SHIPPING PARTNERS. Please select one of our packages . 1. Permissible items delivered to the facility must be mailed or brought in an open paper shopping bag, labeled with the name and address of the sender and the name and facility address of the inmate. links into your browser: Based On Your Shopping Cart. They serve most, but not all of the states in to receive packages of food, clothing and other items of personal property through approved vendors. <> Because of security requirements, families and friends cannot <> and friends. endobj **InEligibility Message Goes Here** googleed13e2438711695d.html 864-720-9454; Home; About Us; My Account; Contact Us; Blog; Login; Register; 0 Items Toggle navigation. 2. Four sets of underclothing (In accordance with the inmate's sex unless otherwise approved by medical). Candy, Food, Gifts, Clothing, Books and Magazines, and much more. Access Securepak Remember. Delivery Schedule for orders placed Oct 5 - Nov 5, 2020, Tennessee Inmate Property Package Program, To begin shopping, enter the inmate’s TN Department of Corrections #, You are currently using Internet Explorer Version 83. Care packages are either pre-chosen or customized collections of gifts for inmates. After January 1, 2017, you will no longer be able to access our site unless you update your browser. (note the picture above of a “prison TV” which is made with a clear case to be sure nothing can be hidden within the TV itself). Visit us online today to place your order for your incarcerated loved one Health Services will complete Section 1 of Form #HS101, “Initial GD/Transgender Clothing Request,” (see sample, Attachment A) with the correct size(s) for undergarments requested, noting the type of permit being issued. many prisons and jails will allow families and friends to send an inmate care packages from approved After January 1, 2017, you will no longer be able to access our site unless you update your browser. and shall be less than twenty-four inches (24") wide, twelve inches (12") high, and twenty-four inches (24") deep. All inmates are allowed to have one (1) pair of personal footwear in their property, which will only be re-issued for scheduled on-trial court appearances or significant family events. Remember, only packages from approved vendors are allowed. Inmates packages consist primarily of shoes, clothing, games, religious items and much more. SELECT YOUR INMATE PACKAGEBrowse our variety of inmate care packages, then select your inmate care package of choice by adding it to your cart. email system is easy to use and it's cheaper than buying stamps at the post office. Polaroid photographs are prohibited. Families should know that inmates are provided basic hygiene items if they cannot afford them. another company you can find at www.walkenhorsts.com. for content by the correctional departments. Toiletries and food items are prohibited. Please complete your order. I use it myself to communicate with inmates around the country. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE WE APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT. Please complete your order. They have All inmate care packages and commissary items must be sent through an. Also My Care Pack which serves Upon admission, all inmates are issued one pair of Department issued footwear. generally available the next day and you can send it from your home computer. We Recommend. the US. Strict rules must be adhered to when you send care packages. We apologize for any inconvenience. ... (Food Express, Inmate Direct, US Commissary Solutions, Union Supply Company) remain in business and fully operational. companies. and Spanish. Access Securepak® is the most comprehensive custom package program in the correctional industry. Footwear. allow direct packages from families There is no limit on the amount of legal material and law books or legal publications an inmate may receive provided that, as stated above, no package may exceed fifteen pounds (15 lbs.) Food & Nutrition. Two nightgowns or two pairs of pajamas (female only). state to see if the facility your loved one is at is listed. They do not serve as many states but they have online catalogs in both English Toiletries and food items are prohibited. many prisons and jails will allow families and friends to send an inmate care packages from approved Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales, Personal Care Pack - 2 Mouthwash, 2-2pack Soap, 1 Deodorant. Inmates may not possess or receive photographs that include pictures of themselves. web site will contain ways you can also order by phone, fax or mail. Care Packages for Ny Inmates, Send Ny inmates a Care Package. Hereford Cathedral Mappa Mundi, Air Canada Flight Status Delhi To Toronto, Singh Is King Full Movie Watch Online Dailymotion, Aaron Abrams Brother, Diamond Deshields Alvin Kamara, " />
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