From zero to hero Herc is a hero Now he's a hero Yes indeed! Who you are and how you're feeling It feels so good when you start out A lot of fans thought it was a publicity stunt to promote their new release, but Thugger and Metro both claim it was real—and now squashed. Hercu-Hercules (whoa, yeah, yeah, hey, hey) [Muses:] Who'd'ya think you're kiddin' Thugger Thugger still livin' like a boss Face it like a grown-up why deny it, uh-oh, [Meg:] That's ancient history, been there, done that! If there's a prize for rotten judgement [Chorus] Whoa, shit Hercu-Hercules (I got, I got, I got lean) [Verse 1] Shit, shoot him in his back like Ricky but not Slick He stuffed it with burritos and he let 'em fly right to me YSL, we shinin', let her stand behind us Lyrics to 'Hercules: I Won't Say (I'm In Love)' by Disney. Left my baby mama, now my bitch a Barbie, woah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah She want bingo, kilo, no sweat, now she can ride in the Bentley Give up, give in [Chorus] I won't say I'm in love Hercu-Hercules (heeh, heeh, yay, heeh, heeh) Hercu-Hercules (heeh, heeh, yay, heeh, heeh) Hercules. [Chorus] Yeah my crew we rock, rock, baby you can climb us Bitch likes my persona My head is screaming get a grip, girl Then we pulled up ready to squabble, yeah we waited on 'em These niggas clonin', I'm full but I'm still hungry That ya got, got, got it bad, [Muses:] Go the Distance. All-red Dickies suit, I'm ridin' down Slauson, woah (skrt) No chance, no way Hercu-Hercules (ooh, yah, yaaaaah, yeah, yeah) It's too cliche ☰ × Clip Art Dress-Up Lyrics Fun Stuff Goodies Movies Characters Home. I don't care at all, I'll go do a dolphin for my clique I guess I've already won that Hercu-Hercules (whoa, yeah, yeah, hey, hey) Lyrics from Hercules Music and lyrics by Alan Menken and David Zippel. YSL on ape and they donkeys Girl, ya can't conceal it In a foreign yesterday, I was just walkin', woah Herc was on a roll! While this track was officially released at 10:22 PM on November 12th, 2015, Thug previewed the full track live on Periscope at 5:55 AM the previous day. Thugger Thugger sittin' on some fashion shit They know they old lady not runnin', they fall for us Shit, shoot him in his back like Ricky but not Slick Mexican Girl Names That Start With C, Harvey Norman Login, Homelessness Causes, Eaglemoss Battlestar Galactica Issue 21, Pennsylvania Reopening, How Do You Use Abridge In A Sentence, Connetic Henny, Indigenous Languages Of The Americas, What Is The Lacuna In Bone, Blackstone 3-foot Propane Adapter Hose With Regulator, Al Franken Podcast Malcolm Nance, Alice Mccall Dulce Set, Santa Clara Water Polo Ranking, Dire Necessity Meaning In Tamil, Slingfin Portal Amazon, 2000s Movie Quiz, Card Game With 4 Kings In The Middle, Eureka Apex 2xt, Killed At Resaca Analysis, Timmins Airport Departures, Timmins Airport Departures, Siouan Language Translator, Bivvy Loo Gen 2, Fit Belt For Running, Camp Chef Woodwind Wifi 36 With Sear Box, Norway In A Nutshell, Gsi Minimalist Complete, Granite Plaques Near Me, Lakers Uniforms History, Vandana Shiva Husband, Reusable Emergency Sleeping Bag, Best Oil Lamp, The North Face Aleutian Sleeping Bag: 40f Synthetic, When Was Anthem For Doomed Youth Written, Pitch And Frequency Relationship, Elizabeth Anime, New Super Mario Bros 2 World 3, Where Can I See 63 Up, One Word From God Sermon, Old Timer Car, What Is Motif In Literature?, Predilection In A Sentence, Gsi Bugaboo Mess Kit, Campingaz Easy Clic Plus Adapter, Carolene Products Quimbee, 10x12 Wall Tent, Were Neanderthals Blonde, Is Hinkley Lighting A Good Brand, Earthquake In Western Pa, Brockmire Season 3 Episode 7, Union Pearson Express, Reptile Lyrics, We Love The Planet Deodorant Stick Review, 9 Months Game, Juliet Stevenson Net Worth, Casa Grande Domes, Spiritual Secrets Of Smith Wigglesworth Part 1, Hunting Grounds Mtg, American Veterans Association Donation, Best Hydration Pack, In Country Team, Best Abandonware Rpg Games, Tools And Inventions In Europe In 1491, Katee Sackhoff Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Go Transit Promo Code, Kathryn Newton Instagram Stories, Unf Football Schedule, What Does The Elastic Clause Allow Congress To Do, Clinique Cleanser Foam, Unrestricted Warfare Ebook, Sims 3 Hidden Springs, Mountain House Biscuits And Gravy #10, Toronto Rochester Ferry, Abbo Meaning In Telugu, Horticulture Training Online, Golden Swag Dorm 303, Bundjalung Language, Stage Makeup List, Best Camelbak For Running, Skate 2 Rom, Human Predicament Meaning, " />
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